S65 MT Lightweight Flywheel
S65 MT Lightweight Flywheel
S65 MT Lightweight Flywheel
S65 MT Lightweight Flywheel
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S65 MT Lightweight Flywheel

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"S65 Lightened Drivetrain Program

I love NA BMW M engines for their rapid response over their traditional competitors, yet BMW M engineers street cars first and sacrifices are made in the name of comfort. 

The front engined, rear wheel drive layouts has disadvantages in effieciencies versus the rear engined, rear wheel drive layout of Porsches.

There's more spinning metal - more weight - more losses, more resistance to inputs. 

We can drastically improve this with some sacrifices  

You can read my product chat on the TTV lightweight flywheel here and first impressions & installation notes on my Orange Stripper build journal here."


  • Made in England
  • CNC machined from a forged high carbon steel billet
  • Balanced by TTV. 
  • Available for MT and DCT transmission
  • Weight:
      • TTV:  6.0 kg / 13.2 lbs
      • OEM: 12.5 kg / 27.5 lbs
    • Hardware not included. 

    Installation Notes

    • The Manual flywheel suits the updated BMW Part Number 21 21 2283 820 / Clutch Part 21 21 2 284 034
    • You need to get 9x new BMW flywheel bolts (11227520706)
    • Engine starter alignment is done by matching the slightly enlarged bolt hole of the flywheel with the crank. 

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