Lightweight Forged Steel Flywheel
by TTV Racing

I love NA BMW M engines for their rapid response over their traditional competitors, yet BMW M engineers street cars first.

Sacrifices are made in the name of comfort. 

The front engined, rear wheel drive layouts has disadvantages in effieciencies versus the rear engined, rear wheel drive layout of Porsche 911s.

There's more spinning metal - more weight - more losses, more resistance to inputs. 

We can drastically improve this with some sacrifices to comfort.

Matt / @m3_epoustouflant
Premium Materials by TTV Racing

Forged Carbon Steel

Forged carbon steel is higher density than aluminum, commonly used by other brands. TTV Racing machines this material to a tighter, smaller package.

Motorsport teams prioritize forged carbon steel used for the friction faces as they are much more durable when combined with modern drivetrain friction materials.

The Specs

Weight Optimized

The DCT version weighs 11.6 lbs and has race pockets machined out of the disc. The OEM DCT is 27.7 lbs down to 19.6 lbs post 08-2009.

The MT version weigh 13.2 lbs. The OEM MT is 27.5 lbs.

2 Piece Design

New for 2022 is a 2 piece design with the hub encased onto the larger, perforated flywheel disc.

Nitride Coated Hub

TTV uses a nitride coating to reduce friction and improve wear resistance on the hub, the area under most stress and friction on the flywheel.

High speed balanced

The flywheel is balanced in-house at TTV to ensure a trouble free function.

OEM fitment

TTV machines the required OEM features for a seamless install. No modifications to your drivetrain or starter motor are needed.

Available for DCT and MT

The finish is achieved using a 2 component automotive clear coat.

Hear it

No music. All raw noises.
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S65 Lightweight Flywheel
S65 Lightweight Flywheel
S65 Lightweight Flywheel
S65 Lightweight Flywheel
S65 Lightweight Flywheel
S65 Lightweight Flywheel
S65 Lightweight Flywheel
S65 Lightweight Flywheel
S65 Lightweight Flywheel
S65 Lightweight Flywheel
S65 Lightweight Flywheel
TTV Racing


S65 Lightweight Flywheel

Regular price $1,190.00 Sale price$990.00
  • Factory Direct Process
TTV Racing

S65 MT Lightweight Flywheel

Regular price $1,190.00 Sale price$990.00


  • Made in England
  • CNC machined from a forged high carbon steel billet
  • Balanced by TTV. 
  • Available for MT and DCT transmission
  • Weight:
      • TTV:  6.0 kg / 13.2 lbs
      • OEM: 12.5 kg / 27.5 lbs
    • Hardware not included. 
      journal entry

      Was it worth the sacrifice?

      I’ve always been weary of lightweight flywheels and was anxious to installing this considering the labor involved.

      After all is said and done, this is arguably one of the most impactful modification to my S65.

      Tolerances vary: read and listen carefully!

      My driving impressions

      Installation Notes

      The Manual flywheel suits the updated BMW Part Number 21 21 2283 820 / Clutch Part 21 21 2 284 04. Engine starter alignment is done by matching the slightly enlarged bolt hole of the flywheel with the crank. 

      Required Hardware

      You need to get 9x new BMW flywheel bolts (11227520706) for the MT flywheel. Custom bolts are included with the DCT flywheel.

      Ben @ TTV Racing
      Made in England

      TTV Racing is part of TTV Industrial ltd which is a family run business located in the East of England.

      TTV has been precision engineering for over 30 years, designing and manufacturing automotive parts for original equipment & motorsport, club racer to world championship. 

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