M Performance Electronic V2 Steering Wheel
M Performance Electronic V2 Steering Wheel
M Performance Electronic V2 Steering Wheel
M Performance Electronic V2 Steering Wheel
Genuine BMW


M Performance Electronic V2 Steering Wheel

  • Factory Direct Process
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The only Christmas Tree you actually want

The Genuine BMW M Performance V2 Electronic steering wheel is a signature factory upgrade for the E9X M3. It's the first modification I did to my Orange Stripper in 2018 and I've loved it ever since. 

The OEM leather wheel always felt a bit off to me, it's needlessly thick and as a tall dude, I felt cramped as BMW designed the seating positions weirdly too high on the E9X M3. 

The steering wheel is a flat bottom design and upholstered in genuine 9002 Alcantara with white stitching. It's a factory quality finish and allows for easier leg movement due to the flat bottom design. 

The LED display features 4x windows: Economy, Sport, Race and Settings.

You activate and move through these menus with buttons that are blended into the Alcantara at the 3 and 9 o'clock position. The wheel has memory for shift lights and sector times, a neat feature. 

DCT Fitment?

Lots of ink has been spilled over DCT fitment and electronics compatibility.

Here's the bottom line: it works.

The OEM Installation Instructions are linked here.

You need a specific wiring schematic as the OEM guidelines won't allow you to retain both memory and shift lights. The wheel needs a constant 12V power supply to retain both features. 


  • Genuine BMW 
  • Made in Germany 
  • Flat bottom design
  • 9002 Alcantara with White stitching 
  • LED display with Economy, Sport and Race display
  • Memory Functions 
  • Programmable LED shift lights 
  • Available for DCT and 6spd

Installation Notes

The kit includes the OEM steering wheel, wiring and new steering clock spring for additional electronic connections. It re-uses your OEM trim, airbag and paddles if DCT.


Wiring schematics to allow the DCT to have memory functions & shift lights are available.  Use the connector at the CAS in the driver kick panel. On the larger CAS connector, you’re looking for Pin 1 (red) and pin 12 (brown black) to maintain a constant 12V. 

The wheel will not power up if the electronics detect high ambient temperatures. You will be able to power it up once the AC has ran for a few minutes and cooled the cabin. 

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