S54 Performance Oil Cooler
by Radtec
Build Journal: a special series
You wanted revs? You'll need cooling.

The S54 power levels have made drastic jumps in the 2010s as tuning for cams and airboxes got figured out by talented individiduals

It brought out some kinks.

As I get ready for 288/280 cams and the engine is out, upgrading the oil cooling was an obvious while you're in there.

In this Special Series, I document my unboxing impressions and installation notes of this improved oil cooler.

- Matt / @m3_epoustouflant

Resilience through an uprated, anti-vibration core.

Designed as an upgrade to fit within the OEM housing, oil capacity is not increased.

No leaks.

The Radtec cooler has machined fittings for OEM O-ring fitment.

It's black, just like OEM.

The finish is powdercoated to last forever.
Get your performance cooler
S54 Performance Oil Cooler
S54 Performance Oil Cooler
S54 Performance Oil Cooler
S54 Performance Oil Cooler


S54 Performance Oil Cooler

  • Factory Direct Process
Regular price$480.00


  • Made from 1050 Commercial Grade aluminum
  • Made in the UK
  • Factory plug & play fitment 
  • TIG welded
  • Powder coated in black for an OEM like finish 
  • 1 year warranty

Installation Notes

The oil cooler fits with OEM hardware. It's a bumper off affair - get ready to spill some oil. Have a jug nearby to replenish or plan a full oil change.

Darren @ radtec
A British supplier to the greats.

Radtec is a well-known name throughout all forms of vintage and classic motor-sport and claims to be the largest manufacturer of bespoke built classic aluminium radiators in Europe.

They've most notably been assigned the OEM contract for Koenisseg.

Cooling is in their family bloodlines: they have been supplying the classic car market for over thirty years.

They've been expanding their BMW M offerings as our cars age. I'm eager to see what more we can bring to market together.

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