S85 AlphaN DME tuning

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A straight connection.

Alpha N engine mapping uncovers the raw experience by removing the synthetic, soft feeling on the right pedal.

More efficiency.

Optimized VANOS timing and Air to Fuel ratio helps produce more power, using less fuel. This isn't exclusive to Alpha N.

Optimized for your upgrades

Commonly refered to as "stage" tuning, each is optimized for your specific upgrades.

[...] and personal preferences.

You want to hit 330 kph? It starts with a Vmax limit removal. I'd recommend cold start delete with you're here.
Spec your AlphaN tune
S85 AlphaN Engine Tuning
S85 AlphaN Engine Tuning
S85 AlphaN Engine Tuning
S85 AlphaN Engine Tuning

S85 AlphaN Engine Tuning

Tuning is often offered in "stages" that optimize for your peripheral performance upgrades.

Here's how Sal defines his stages. 

Stage 1:

Standard cars. I highly recommend the sealed air intakes

Stage 2:

Optimized for primary cat deletes & aftermarket long tube headers.

Stage 3:

Optimized for V3 long-tube, equal length headers.

  • Raised RPM limit to 8500rpm
  • Raise idle speed
  • VMax Limit removal
  • Cold start delete

These will be spec'ed with Sal after you purchase the tune.

Once your order is paid for, Sal will ship the tuning cable to you, get in touch validate your tune specifications.

  1. Install tuning software to your PC (not Mac compatible).
  2. Extract the OEM DME file using the OBD2 Cable & Tuning device. 
  3. Upload your OEM DME file to your PC using the software. 
  4. Email the file to Sal. Turn around time is 1-2 days.
  5. Download the new tuned DME file to your computer. 
  6. Upload to your tuning device. 
  7. Plug into OBD2, turn on the ignition, flash your vehicle. *during the flashing process, it is normal to see lights, warnings and other electronic signals. It last a minute or two. 
  8. Turn off ignition, unplug the tuning devine. 

    Always have your car on a battery tender during the tuning process.

    Start your S85, and enjoy. 
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Why Alpha N?
Uncovering the raw V10 experience.

In this journal entry written in collaboration with Sal @ InfinityDesign, I document the technical differences of MAF, MAP and Alpha-N engine mapping. 

We discuss why the S85 was built for AlphaN, the mapping process and I end with my driving impressions drawing a comparaison with its younger brother: the M3 V8.

- Matt / @m3_epoustouflant

Need help on tuning?
I've ran every stage of Sal's tune and fiddled with various MAF and AlphaN maps.
Sal @ InfinityDesign
Legacy knowledge.

InfinityDesign's unique product design and engineering is crafted by the grand-daddy of the most popular S85 products and tuners to hundreds of S85s: Salmen.

As a former Evolve co-owner, he headed engineering & development for all products.

He notably signed off on numerous popular V10 products: e-tronic exhaust systems, headers, cat deletes, carbon intakes along with the V8 supercharger kits & tuning maps during the 2000s until he exited the company in 2015.