GTS armrest delete
by MJunkee
Your first stop to a GTS conversion.

My starting point was what I thought to be the most affordable component; the armrest delete.

After a few searches, OEM armrests were NLA and aftermarket replicas were 900 US dollars.

I said no.

As a part of my Build Journal entries in the Interior Program, I document the unboxing impressions and fitment of this replica GTS armrest.

- Matt / @m3_epoustouflant

Genuine Alcantara

Upholstered using Original Motorsport Alcantara in 9040 deep black and OEM matching 9002 grey.

OEM 1:1 design

The underlying ABS panel is laser cut to match the curvature of the center console.

Snug fitment.

The armrest delete fits purely with gravity, and friction (!). It's a snug fit, and it's guaranteed.

Available for LHD.

My bad guys, I drive on the right side of the road :) For my Aussies, British and Japanese friends, you can get one too.
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V3 GTS Armrest Delete
V3 GTS Armrest Delete
V3 GTS Armrest Delete
V3 GTS Armrest Delete
V3 GTS Armrest Delete
Mjunkee LLC


V3 GTS Armrest Delete

  • Factory Direct Process
Regular price $299.00 Sale price$269.00

Installation Notes

It's pretty easy! Removing the OE center console requires pulling the springs at the back.

Brand Backstory
Chris @ MJunkee

Chris is a fellow E9x M3 owner and member of EuroConnex.

He's an avid enthusiast in arguably the mecca of automotive tuning: California.

All MJunkee products are handmade by Chris himself.

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