The Phoenix

In this entry, the final parts get painted and we begin exterior panel reassembly. I touch on the expectations and reality of fitting aftermarket carbon body panels and give an overview of the adjustments to all of them.
In this entry, I touch on the completion of the mechanical refit, my modest DIY contributions and the final test fit of carbon panels before the final paint round.
In this entry, it's a test of patience. The build is put to a stop as parts slowly creep in to uncork the bottleneck.

In this entry, I go down the rabbit hole. The underbody gets dismounted and we get disappointed by BMW once more. We revise our plans, strip the underbody, put money where it matters and discuss durable coatings. Lastly, in an inspired decision, I wink at the E46 M3’s past: I paid hommage.

In this entry, we get to painting the shell and parts. But first, let's cast light with color: as naturally aspirated M cars age and decay, some of us will eventually cross the opaque intersections I do in this restoration.

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