The Generational Gap
It deserves to live on.

The E46 M3 was a faint signal on my radar: I understood the classic appeal yet it wasn't enough to trigger an emotional purchase.

Until it did.

After the E92 M3, I wanted a new challenge. I might just be in over my head.

- Matt / @m3_epoustouflant

The Phoenix

In this entry, I go down the rabbit hole. The underbody gets dismounted and we get disappointed by BMW once more. We revise our plans, strip the underbody, put money where it matters and discuss durable coatings.

Lastly, in an inspired decision, I wink at the E46 M3’s past: I paid hommage.

In this entry, we get to painting the shell and parts. But first, let's cast light with color: as naturally aspirated M cars age and decay, some of us will eventually cross the intersections I do in this restoration.

I give you more insights into the paint process, how a paint shop makes or loses money - and where you should focus the budget!

In this entry, it's time to prime and sand, sand, sand, and [...] sand. It's where things start looking up, and start looking good. 

In this entry, it's time to strip. It isn't as sexy as it sounds: harsh chemicals, a lot of scrubbing, some sanding, a lot of patience and we might be in for surprises when everything's off. The end game is worth it: it's a body reset. 

This entry uncovers an uncomfortable truth: these E46s are old and have history you might not be aware of. 
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