Good from afar.

Good from afar.

"In this Special Series, I document my experiences with a Vorsteiner trunk, and why it prompted the development of a new E92 CSL Carbon Trunk made in Germany.

In this entry, I chat fitment, the shortcomings of my used Vorsteiner trunk and how to turn lemons into lemonade."
- Matt

Good from afar [...]

With time running out before the first snow fall, I was able to squeeze in a photoshoot before storage. The wheels were resprayed and sprayed to Satin Black along with the new trunk installation. 

First impressions. 

This is a striking visual change from the previous Touring aesthetics. The CSL trunk adds visual complexity to the rear end with its singular ducktail shape. 

The non-period correct aesthetics fit and restores lineage between the CSL and the F8x M series. 

The CSL trunk rounds off the E92's rear end, complementing the shapes of the rear diffuser. 

It looks great from every angle. It completes the rounded off front bumper. You'll also notice a new poke in your rear view mirror. 

[...] far from good. 

The trunk fitment didn't go as smoothly as I expected: compromises had to be made. We opted to prioritize aligning the lights like OEM. It tends to be where our eyes focus on a rear end. 

The gaps on the top section ended up being wider than OEM, and the vertical gaps below the taillights are wider at the the top. 

You can see the rounded off sections above and below the trunk lights here. 

The recessed trunk badge fitted well. No issues here.

The gap on the top of the trunk was too wide. Both sides are equal - atleast.

I can't comment on whether that's how they Vorsteiner delivered these trunks back in the days. My trunk was sourced used and had been previously worked on by other body shops. 

Turning lemons into lemonade.

I have been procrastinating my wing installation forever: with the upcoming new E92 CSL trunk and the fitment shortcomings of my used trunk, I had found my justification to put on a wing. 

Luigi helped me quickly get a feel for how the satin black GTS carbon wing would look on the trunk. 

The GTS endplates sort of align with the trunk's outer gaps. 

We could see how the end plates' angle sort of matched with the accentuated design of the ducktail by Vorsteiner. I was convinced. 

Up next: it's time to drill.  

We'll finally fit the GTS wing to the carbon trunk. 

In the background, development on the new E92 CSL carbon trunk has begun.

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