Meet the new me, same as the old me.

Meet the new me, same as the old me.

"In this Special Series, I document my various experiences with DCT leaks, failing clutches, and their solutions, including the GTS Motorsport Oil Pan Kits

This journal entry documents the unboxing impressions of the initial variant of the main pan in the GTS Motorsport Oil Pan Kits."
- Matt

Addressing core issues first.  

The Genuine BMW pan is usually the DCT's earliest component to fail, and will be the most source of its most abundant leak. The main pan is the part that required most attention as part of the upcoming GTS Motorsport Oil Pan Kits

The design was created to address multiple considerations: 

  1. Permanently fix leaks. 
  2. Improve cooling.
  3. Improve flow. 

Fixing leaks. 

We sought to eliminate the need for a rubber gasket like the OEM design. Instead, the pan was machined with a channel to apply high temperature silicone. The grooves are precisely machined to run the same width and depth across across the contour of the pan. 

The silicone is not included in the kit, and can easily be sourced at your local hardware store. 

Improving cooling through capacity. 

The main pan design was enlarged over the original unit. It sits lower and allows 1.8L over OEM spec when using the GTS filling specifications. The additional fluid capacity increases overall heat capacity of the system. 

The deeper pan still remains compatible with the original transmission undertray. 

GTS style Banjo bolt.

The E92 M3 GTS used the OEM plastic pan with an overfilling spec of 1 liter over a standard E92 M3. 

There are 2 ways to achieve this: 

  1. Tilt the car by raising the passenger side to overfill via the drain plug.

  2. Use an OEM, GTS style Banjo Bolt to overfill. 

When combining the GTS filling specifications and the extra 1000ml (1L) capacity,  you can overfill your main DCT oil pan by 1.8 liters over a standard E92 M3 with the Motorsport main pan. 

This specific Banjo bolt will be included in the main pan kit.

Improving cooling through air flow.

The main was also designed with extended fins up to 10mm in length, acting as a radiator to provide additional cooling surface to dissipate heat. Having fittings over a deeper pan was chosen as a compromise between cooling and fluid costs. 

Improving cooling through flow. 

The main pan features internal anti starvation walls that help the low oil pressure problem due to oil outflow on hard turns and acceleration. The design builds upon the original BMW design instead of a complete redesign.

Extender for oil pick up tube.

As the pan is deeper, a machined aluminum extender is included for the oil pick up tube. This allows the DCT to pick up its oil at the lowest point of the pan.You can run without this extender if you use the complete 1.8 liter overfill. 
I documented the installation of the extender here

OE hardware compatibility.

The main was further designed to re-use the OEM magnet found at the bottom of your OEM plastic pan. The production version will also include the specific bolt and washer required to install the magnet. 

The threaded section for the main drain plug is machined to accept a smaller drain plug than original. This was an oversight that will be revised for production. 

The development of the kit shall continue with slight revisions to the main pan, and the creation of the side pan. 

Up next: I document the complete service of my DCT-001, and the GTS filling protocol with the banjo bolt. 

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