Updated as of July 13th 2022
Incoming Social Buys

These are the Social Buys I'm currently working on. I try to give ETAs to the best of my knowledge.

Get on waiting lists per product to be the first to know when it's available.

- Matt


Custom Recaro Pole Position ABE Program

In collaboration with Recaro GmbH, ASC Fabrics, Brey Krause and RCVRD Workshop. 

It remains fascinating how custom bucket seats are this opaque world to many BMW M owners and the amounts of Dos and Donts that are often skipped by your local furniture upholstery guy. 

I experienced this for myself when we disassembled the previously repaired OEM seats in my E46 to develop the custom seat program. Lots of you were surprised about electric sliding buckets being a thing.

Getting hands on really makes me better appreciate the subtleties of upholstery work, ever more so on M cars.

This program will hopefully be something the community appreciates for its proximity, transparency and hyperfocus on delivering OEM quality with your personal touch. 

BMW & BMW M Fabrics & Leathers + Genuine Alcantara

I am currently working with various partners to source and list most if not all BMW specific fabrics and leathers. Graham at ASC Fabrics is personally sourcing and developing BMW M matching fabrics that are unavailable from BMW. 

The M-texture that was used on my E46 M3 Pole Positions were sourced by ASC Fabrics. 

Genuine Alcantara matching BMW's selection in various M cars will also be offered to complement the OEM fabrics and leathers. 

You can read more about the details of the fabric and how they are carefully aligned to replicate the OEM upholstery here

Custom Embroidery & Embossed Logo  

David at RCVRD is currently working on unique techniques to provide never-seen-before Embossed logo designs. 

Various Mounting Solutions

The custom seats will be delivered with a brand new mounting solution that was tested on your seats, ready to be assembled with recommendations based on your height and desired driving position.

You'll just need to bolt them to your OEM sliders, directly to the floor or to provided fixed floor mounts. 

You can read more about my experiences and research into mounting solutions here

Plug & Play Harnesses for Electrical Sliders

The custom seat program will feature E46 M3 specific Plug & Play harnesses for electrical sliders, passenger airbag occupancy sensors and optional Genuine BMW heated pads compatible with OEM buttons. 

Plug & Play Heated Seats

Bucket seats don't necessarily need to sacrifice on everyday comfort. We have developed a custom heated seat solution using Genuine BMW components. 

They will be Plug & Play with your provided hardness and OEM 3 way buttons. Due to the Recaro Pole Position backseat configuration, the heated elements will be on the lower section of the seat only. 


  1. Exclusively assembled using brand new seats, mounts, fabric and electronics.
    1. Recaro original, brand new foam is used.  
    2. Seats, fabrics and electronics are sourced from Europe. 
    3. Genuine Alcantara is used. 
    4. Upholstery threads are hand made using high grade Serafil threads by Amann: an OEM supplier to Bentley. 
  2. Fabrication of Plug & Play harnesses for electrical sliders and optional heated pads. 
    1. Optional, Genuine BMW heating elements compatible with OEM 3 way button and P&P Harness. 
  3. The upholstery and assembly service is done by RCVRD Workshop in Canada. 
  • E46 M3 & E9X M3
  • Limited Pre-Order

ETA: July 2022

Status: We are finalizing options list and final testing of plug & play harnesses.


CSL Carbon Front Bumper

  • E46 M3
  • Pre-Order

A Purposeful Smirk: a 1:1 replica of the original CSL bumper. 

I ordered a test unit to fit, document and review. I documented the unboxing here and I expect to make this available at the start of Summer 2022. 

I am currently fitting the CSL bumper and fenders. You can follow the process on my Build Journal here


  • Made in Germany
  • Pre-Preg & Autoclave Carbon Fiber Construction
  • 1x1 Weave Pattern
  • 3.7 kg
  • Comes in gel coated 
  • Designed for the pre-facelift aluminum bumper carrier
  • CSL splitters are optional
  • 1:1 CSL design made from OEM CSL bumper


ETA: July 2022

Status: I have received the CSL bumper & widened fender kits to review.

To be announced

Forged OEM+ 163M 19x9/10 Wheels

More info to be announced.

Preliminary Specs:

  • Monoblock forged construction
  • 19x9 & 19x10 Fitments
  • Customizable offsets, no spacers required
  • 1:1 OEM replica of Face Design & Concavity Profiles
  • Compatible with OEM bolts, center caps, stickers, TPMS
  • Hubcentric
  • JWL & VIA certified
  • 1520kg load rating
  • Weights to be announced
  • Custom finishes
To be announced

Forged OEM+ M359 19x10/11 Wheels

  • E9X M3
  • Limited Pre-Order

More info to be announced.

Preliminary Specs:

  • Monoblock forged construction
  • 19x10 & 19x11 fitments
  • Customizable offsets, no spacers required. 
  • 1:1 OEM replica of Face Design & Concavity Profiles
  • Compatible with OEM bolts, center caps, stickers, TPMS.
  • Hubcentric. 
  • JWL & VIA certified
  • 1520kg load rating
  • Weights to be announced
  • Custom finishes


Status: I am currently in development phase: matching the OEM silver, validating wheels specs and certifications to ensure a quality wheel.



Lightweight Lithium Ion Batteries

BMW M cars need a smart diet

As I sought to find ways to reduce the weight of my E92 M3 without compromising its street driving characteristics, it became evident a new lithium ion battery was in order. It is one of the best bang for your buck modification for weight reduction to most BMW M cars.

Chassis  OEM Battery Weight
E9X M3 60 lbs
E46 M3 48 lbs
E6X M5 & M6 62 lbs
E36 M3 48 lbs
E39 M5 62 lbs

The common concerns of Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium Ion batteries can easily match a standard AGM battery cranking power, but will often have less capacity over time leading to discharge errors. This is a major component to it's 4x to 5x lighter weight.  

A critical reason for discharges was the lack of proper battery monitoring: manufacturers offer external monitoring and does not track total battery capacity remaining or temperatures.

A new generation of Lithium-Ion batteries with Bluetooth Monitoring

Lithiumax engineered 2x batteries with BMW M owners in mind, the 2nd generation RESTART10 and the RACE10+ with carbon fiber casing.

Lithiumax integrated Bluetooth monitoring within the battery in for ease of usage, additional data tracking and weight & packaging benefits. It can easily be managed from a dedicated Lithiumax App by scanning the QR code on top of the battery.

Reliable and lightweight power for street driven M cars

Lithiumax has designed a battery with an industry leading power-to-weight ratio: the RESTART10 Gen 2 offers 1500CCA of peak power and a 100Ah PbEq capacity at 8 kgs / 17.6 lbs.

The Lithiumax RESTART10 Gen 2 Bluetooth has a Restart feature that will cut the battery power at a safe level if it is inadvertently drained. It can then be restarted in order to start the engine from the Bluetooth Lithiumax App or a button on top of the battery. 

RACE10+ Carbon Fiber
Ultra lightweight power
 for Clubsport M cars 

It weights 4.2 kg / 9.3 lbs and is capable of delivering 1000CA (Cranking Amps) and 70Ah PbEq capacity with Bluetooth Monitoring. The casing is laminated with carbon fiber for better aesthetics. 


Restart10 Gen2


Weight 8.0 kg / 17.6 lbs 4.2kg / 9.3 lbs
Dimensions H6 Group
(H)175 x (W)165 x (D)125mm
Bluetooth Monitoring Yes. Yes.
Remote Restart Function Yes. No.
Installation Plug and Play. 
Coding required. 
Base plate mounting kit and coding required. 
BMW IBS Compatible Yes. Yes.
Peak Power (CCA) 1500 Amps 1000 Amps
Cranking Power (CA) 1800 Amps TBD
Winter Cracking Power  1000CCA at -20degC 900CCA @ -20degC 
Capacity 100Ah PbEq 70Ah PbEq
Temperature Range -20degC to 85degC -20degC to 85degC
Warranty 3 Years 3 Years


ETA: July 2022

Status: I have 3x batteries on the way to fit to my cars, review and document.

Haimus Racing

Custom Clubsport Retrofit BBK

  • E9X M3
  • Group Buy

Clubsport Retrofit BBK

Status: my kit will be delivered by August for testing and documenting. 

Complete retrofit kit based off AP Racing Calipers.

This kit will feature AP Racing 4 piston Radi-Cal front calipers. It will increase front Pad Area by over 15% compared to stock and the thicker 32mm 2 piece rotor will be able to disperse heat a lot quicker. 

Even more impressive is the fact that there is a large variety of pads options for these calipers. From ATE or TRW street pads to high end pads like PAGID RSL's. 

The kit is deemed a retrofit as it uses a standard AP Racing caliper and a custom caliper bracket & rotor hat made by Haimus Racing. The rotor hats are machined from 2024 Heat Treated Billet Aluminum. 

The bracket is machined from 7075 Heat Treated Billet Aluminum and finished in corrosion resistant anodizing. The kit is further completed with Custom Made Braided Brake Hoses for AP-Racing Calipers and all the hardware needed to assemble the kit. 

Unsprung Weight Reduction.

Furthermore the Lightweight Calipers combined with Lightweight 2 piece rotors lower the unsprung mass at the front by 13.5kg / 29.7 lbs. 

Reducing unsprung weight has an immediate, noticeable effect on steering inputs and turn-in behaviours. 

Improved Clamping Power & Thermal Capacity. 

This kit will provide much higher heat absorption capabilities than stock, lighter weight, increased stopping performance, better brake bite, increased caliper rigidity, better pedal feel and consistency and exemplary performance lap after lap.  

Rotors will be Curved Vane (as seen on the pic with the red calipers). Pictures 2 and 3 show our custom bell. The rotor on the kit shown are exemplary, not the final product as they are plane, not curved vane as the rotors will be on the finalized kit.

Custom Refinishing Options

Another key to a proper BBK experience are aesthetics. For most of us, these are street cars and how it looks is just as important as how they function. 

The refinishing options are varied: you can choose to retain the AP Racing logo or opt for variations of the ///M logo for an OEM+ look. Most colors are possible, and the standard BMW M colors of Gloss Black, Blue and CCB Gold are available. 


  • Caliper & Rotor specs:
    • Front: AP-Racing Radi-Cal 4 pistons with 2 piece 362x32mm rotors 
    • Rear: AP-Racing Radi-Cal 4 pistons with 2 piece 355x32mm rotors 
  • Brand new hardware with all bolts necessary to install
  • Optional EBC Pads
    • Pad shape: CP6600D55
  • Retrofit bracket machined from 7075 Heat Treated Billet Aluminum
    • Anodized with Corrosion Resistant Coating
  • Rotor Bells from 2024 Heat Treated Billet Aluminun

  • Standard black finish with AP Racing logo*
  • Custom finishes available:
    • OEM+ Blue
    • OEM+ Gold
    • Silver
    • Yellow
    • Red
  • Assembled in Bulgaria

ETA: August 2022

Status: They are currently in beta testin with members. I am receiving my Clubsport kit in July.

CarboProject GmbH

1:1 M Performance style Carbon Spitters

A new potential source for 1:1 M Performance style pre-preg splitters. 

"Status: I have a set in production to test fit and review."


Intro pricing tbd. 


  • Made in Germany
  • Negative mold created from 1:1 OEM design
  • Pre-Preg & Autoclaved Carbon Fiber Construction Process
  • Available 2x2 weave pattern
  • Available in gloss and matte 2 component hardened clear coat

Installation Notes

Hardware and 3M tape / Beta link not included. Holes come pre-drilled. I highly recommend you get these protected with PPF to protect the clear coat and carbon. 

  • E9X M3
  • Group Buy

ETA: September 2022

Status: I have a set in production in Germany to test fit and documnet.

Tractive Suspension

Tractive Electronic Damper Controlled Coilovers (EDC)

  • E9X M3 / E8X 1M

My take coming soon

Status: These are claimed to be improved damper technology over my B16 Damptronics on the E92 M3 Orange Stripper. Currently chatting with Tractive. 

Read up more about their Dynamic Valve Adjustment technology here and its original development here

Brochure Description

TracTive Plug & Play electronically-adjustable shocks for OE fitment have been developed as a high-tech electronic replacement suspension for a car fitted from factory with specific electronic suspension systems.

The dampers are fitted with the TracTive patented DDA (Dynamic Damping Adjustment) valve. With its reaction time of 6 to 10 milliseconds from full soft to full hard, it is one of the fastest damping adjustments in the market. It demonstrates a tremendous stability and reproducibility, and is rapidly becoming the technology chosen by high end OE and racing teams.

Although a lot faster, more stable and more reproducible than ZF CDC (found in BMW-M cars with EDC) and Bilstein Damptronic (found in Porsches as PASM and various others), the DDA valve has similar electrical and functional properties and can replace these OE valves without losing its functional benefits.

The Plug & Play system is a direct replacement for the original dampers, it plugs in with the same connectors and the dampers are controlled the same way as the original dampers.

No EDC cancellation kit required, no fault messages in the onboard controls. For every application the damping level and damping adjustment range is set-up from factory. It is possible to tune the damping level if required.

This electronic suspension kit is valved specifically for Road and Track use, with a focus on sufficient comfort for optimal Road use while maintaining sport performance.

Each kit is engineered for optimal performance and durability. The dampers are fitted with springs and have an infinite ride height adjustment either through the platforms on the shock bodies or through the separate adjusters.

Damper Specs: 

  • Front:
    • 43mm Inverted McPherson clamp mount shock
    • 7075 aluminium Stabilizer bracket included
  • Rear:
    • 46mm Eye to Pin shock
    • Separate spring with height adjustment. 


  • Made in the Netherlands
    • OEM supplier for BMW 
  • Dynamic Damper Adjustment (DDA) electronic valve technology. 
    • Compatible with BMW M's EDC on-board management system
  • Fits with OEM top mounts or some aftermarket camber plates. 
  • New end links included. 
  • Threaded adjustable shock body at the front and threaded spring mount at the rear. 


Status: I am currently in discussion with Tractive and gauging interest. Getting on the waiting list will help me further negotiate an introduction on EuroConnex!

YFCM Composites LtD

E60 M5 SMG3 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

"Difficult to explain, easy to feel:
it's tight!

The major benefit to the YFCM carbon driveshaft is improved chassis & drivetrain response. 

It's a byproduct of tightening of the drivetrain due to the more rigid, 1 piece lightweight carbon construction of the driveshaft. 

It's been one of the best upgrades to my M3 V8 and E46 M3. I expect similar results on the E60."

- Matt

The Details. 

It's a lot lighter. 

The reduced weight helps lower the initial moment of inertia, providing improved throttle response and noticeably easier clutch operations. 

On the E9X M3, the OEM 2 piece steel driveshaft weights 23 lbs, while the Carbon Driveshaft weights between 11 lbs (MT) to 13 lbs (DCT)E60 M5 weights to be confirmed. 

The YFCM transmission flange is carefully machined to reduce weight in key areas, notably the outmost sections of the flange to further reduce weight on the outer radius on the flange. The machining work also extends to the bolt holes and surrounding areas. 

This is engineered to reduce the initial moment of inertia, a key component to improving response. 

It's a lot more rigid. 

The 1 piece design eliminates the need for a center support bearing (CSB). This bearing introduces flex in the drivetrain and commonly fails on E9X M3 with higher mileage. 

The 1 piece designs improves the connected feel with the rear end of the E60 M5, which is known to be wobbly in factory form. 

Each carbon tube is tested on a proprietary torsional stress machine to over 5500nm of twisting force. 

It remains vibration free.

The 1 piece design retains the use of the flex disc on the transmission output shaft, a critical component to retaining street friendly, vibration free behaviours of the S65 drivetrain. 

As a result of superior carbon tube engineering & construction, the YFCM tubes do not have any glued on balancing weights. 

The superior engineering. 

Pre-Preg & Autoclaved Winded Carbon Tubes

The carbon tube itself is winded from pre-preg & autoclave carbon fiber sourced from sourced from Toray Industries

The signature carbon tube is known for its yellow braided & winded filament. 

It won't spin itself to pieces thanks to a patented flange design. 

M. Lee, owner and head of engineering at YFCM, holds multiple published patents for the flange in various countries, most importantly Germany and the US

The patented flange eliminates the chance of the tube from spinning free of the flange - a common issue experienced with other manufacturers. 

Proprietary Balancing

M. Lee also owns and operate an industrial automation company, from which he used his knowledge to develop proprietary stress testing equipment specific to carbon tube technology. 

Each driveshaft is individually crafted, spun to over 8000rpm. 

QC Results per driveshaft

Below are results from the proprietary testing equipment. Each driveshaft is tested, and I am currently discussing with YFCM to publish these results per order along with data on the OEM driveshaft.

For reference, most OEM 2 piece steel driveshafts have 2 to 3x times the measured vibrations compared to the YFCM "V2". 

Blue is the vibration value measured at the CV flange. Green is the vibration value measured at the Transmission output flange.



  • Made in Taiwan 
  • Patented flange with locking mechanism to prevent shaft slippage
  • CNC machined flanges from 7075 forged aluminum 
  • The "authentic" V2 features an Orange Anodized flange to further differentiate from other pretenders. 
  • Pre-preg & autoclave carbon fiber filament 
  • Signature yellow braided filament
  • Carbon sourced from Toray Industries
  • Tested & balanced beyond 8,000 RPM 
  • Vibration free 
  • 1 year replacement warranty 

Installation Notes

Professional installation is recommended. Professionals will taken around 3 to 5 hours depending on the condition of your M5. It requires removing the complete exhaust and heat shields.

Recommended new hardware:

To be listed per testing. 

Clearances & Measurements to validate your installation

CV Flange Telescopic Range

The CV Flange is a commercially available product designed with a telescopic range.

As the 1 piece carbon tube design is engineered to flex and move with the drivetrain, YFCM carefully engineered the tube length to match with the CV flange.

It must have a 64mm / 2.52 inches distance between both points pictured. 

Carbon Tube Clearances

As the carbon tube has an increased diameter over stock and is made of carbon, careful attention to clearances and free range of movement of the tube must be validated. There should be at least 20mm / 0.8 inches separating the tube from any physical element across the driveshaft valley. 

If you installation does not come within these specifications, you may have worn bushings across the drivetrain. I would recommend you inspect your bushings and mounts to ensure they are in proper condition. 

You need to meet these clearances before completing the installation as it may otherwise lead to catastrophic failure of the tube. 

  • E6X M5 & M6
  • Group Buy

ETA: July 2022

Status: I am currently waiting to receive a prototype to test fit and review. 

Karbonius Composites

E90 M3 Carbon Fiber Roof Panel

  • E90 M3
  • Group Buy

Description coming soon.


  • Made in Spain
  • Pre-Preg & Autoclaved carbon fiber construction
  • Weight: 3.9kg
    • Save 5k from a standard slick top E90
  • Available in 1x1 (OEM) and 2x2 weave
  • Available in Gloss or Matt clear coated finish
  • Exclusive and numbered piece
  • 2 years warranty
  • Fitment guaranteed.

Installation Notes

Professional installation is required. OEM BMW structural adhesives are recommended. 

Motorsport24 GmbH


E92 M3 CF Door Cards

German Motorsport DNA. 

I've been wanting to pair both a CSL CF trunk and a GT4 CF wing for a motorsport & functional application on my personal M3. While searching for suppliers in Europe, I talked in depth with Daniel & Justin at Motorsport24.

They're an authentic grassroots motorsport outfit in Germany specializing in BMW M cars and have an extensive product catalog for the E9X M3.

A lot of you guys know them for their complete carbon fiber door cars - and this is its Connex. They have the best design carbon door cards on the market and it has been used for years by multiple clubsport builds and dedicated track cars. 

I'm glad to have Motorsport24 on board and supporting us in our builds.


  • E92 application
  • Sold as complete sets only. 
  • Fits OEM door & window mechanism
  • Full CFK Construction
  • Offered in raw carbon finish
  • Matte or Gloss 2K Clear Coat is optional 
  • Not compatible with OEM audio system unless you cut out the doors
  • Pull strap not included
  • Do not export OEM fitment. Fitting on doors will be required. 
  • Made in Germany
  • E92 M3
  • Limited Pre-Order

ETA: July 2022

Status: I am finalizing logistics on the pre-order. ETA will be 8 weeks once ordered.

Connex Plus
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