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Updated as of May 17th 2022
Incoming Social Buys

These are the Social Buys I'm currently working on. I try to give ETAs to the best of my knowledge.

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- Matt

Zaero Design GmbH

GTS 5 Pieces Chassis Mounted Lip (ABS)

  • E9X M3
  • Group Buy

An OG Connex revisited 

360Carbon's 5 pieces FRP chassis mounted lip for the E9X M3 has been a staple on EuroConnex. It was the 2nd social buy I ever organized prior to launching EuroConnex. 

Over 200 of these lips were sold worldwide and appreciated for the true GTS aesthetics, great fitment and chassis mounted brackets. 

The lip was then offered in pre-preg carbon fiber for enthusiasts looking for a OEM level carbon lip. 

Building on the FRP's success

BMW M never manufactured the OEM GTS lip in FRP or Carbon Fiber. They used ABS plastics for the lips and aluminum for the brackets. 

Until now, it was impossible to find a replica lip made in ABS. OEM was the only option before being discontinued, and it was available for over 5,000$ US. 

ABS is commonly used by manufacturers with actual motorsport pedigree because it is light, durable and affordable to replace. 

Porsche GT3 guys have been using OEM ABS plastic front lips as consumables for a while and Porsche offers replacement lips for relatively cheap. 

Q2 2022: GTS lip in ABS + Metal Brackets

I have been chatting with Markus @ 360Carbon & Zaero Design on developing a kit as close to BMW M's original specifications without infringing on BMW's design patent. 

This is it. 

The lip is branded under ZaeroDesign as it is Markus' main focus for 2022. 

The current ETA for the initial social buy is Q2 2022. Get on the waiting list to be the first to know the special introductory pricing. 

ABS Material Development

The upper lip and lower splitter is made from ABS plastic and finished in matte black like the OEM units were. The lower spitter is slotted to allow length adjustments for clearance and aerodynamics. 

The ABS composition was developed in close partnership with an OEM sub-contractor in Germany. Markus worked with them to come up with the closest possible match to the OEM matte black finish straight out of the injection mold without paint. 

Aluminum Mounting Brackets

The 3x piece chassis mounting brackets is laser cut from high-strength aluminum and anodized in a matte black finish. The chassis brackets are riveted into the chassis and hold the lower splitter. 

These should prove more durable than the previous FRP and CF chassis mounting brackets. 


  • Made in Germany 
  • ABS components are manufactured by an OEM supplier
  • 5 pieces kit includes upper lip, chassis brackets, lower splitter bracket and adjustable lower splitter. 
  • Upper lip and lower splitters made from ABS plastic 
  • Adjustable length on the lower splitter
  • 3x piece mounting bracket kit
    • made from high-strength aluminum
    • laser cut & black anodized
  • Hardware not included. 

Installation Notes

I highly recommend professional body shop installation for a perfect installation. 

The chassis mounts requires to cut your front bumper for the mounts will clear. There is also some minor trimming required of the felt under tray.  This will fit with the MLT undertray. 

Hardware is not included. I have referenced the GTS SKUs needed: 

  • (4) Torx Head Screw - 07146958688/07146958688
  • (6) Oval Head Screw - 07146978618
  • (12) 3/16 Rivets

ETA: May 2022

The replica design is finalized, injection molds are in progress and the production metal brackets are getting laser cut for me to test fit shortly.

There will be a limited introductory crowdfunding to get this into production in early March for about 30x spots.

Pricing will be massively discounted to get the required quantity needed to start production. Early access will be given to those on the list.

Haimus Racing

Clubsport Retrofit BBK

  • E9X M3
  • Group Buy

Clubsport Retrofit BBK

More information soon. 

This kit is ideal for track-driven cars which are also used on the road. 

This kit will feature AP Racing 4 piston Radi-Cal front calipers. It will increase front Pad Area by over 15% compared to stock and the thicker 32mm 2 piece rotor will be able to disperse heat a lot quicker. 

Furthermore the Lightweight Calipers combined with Lightweight rotors lower the unsprung mass at the front by 13.5kg. Even more impressive is the fact that there is a large variety of pads options for these calipers. From ATE or TRW street pads to high end pads like PAGID RSL's. 

This kit will provide much higher heat absorption capabilities than stock, lighter weight, increased stopping performance, better brake bite, increased caliper rigidity, better pedal feel and consistency and exemplary performance lap after lap.  

Rotors will be Curved Vane (as seen on the first pic with the red calipers). Pictures 2 and 3 show our custom bell. The rotor on the kit shown are exemplary, not the final product as they are plane, not curved vane as the rotors will be on the finalized kit.


  • Caliper & Rotor specs:
    • Front: AP-Racing Radi-Cal 4 pistons with 2 piece 362x32mm rotors 
    • Rear: AP-Racing Radi-Cal 4 pistons with 2 piece 355x32mm rotors 
  • Brand new hardware with all bolts necessary to install
  • Optional EBC Pads
    • Pad shape: CP6600D55
  • Retrofit bracket machined from 7075 Heat Treated Billet Aluminum
    • Anodized with Corrosion Resistant Coating
  • Rotor Bells from 2024 Heat Treated Billet Aluminun

  • Custom Made Braided Brake Hoses for AP-Racing Calipers
  • Standard black finish with AP Racing logo*
  • Custom finishes available:
    • OEM+ Blue
    • OEM+ Gold
    • Silver
    • Yellow
    • Red
  • Assembled in Bulgaria

*Whether the AP Racing logo is embossed or painted is to be determined. If painted, ///M logo will be optional on refinishes. 

ETA: June 2022

Get on the waiting list for your preferred kit. They are currently in beta testing.

Haimus Racing

M3 V8 Carbon Fiber Plenum

  • E9X M3
  • Group Buy

Description coming soon. 


  • Made in Bulgaria 
  • Pre-Preg & Autoclaved Carbon Construction
  • Finished in Gloss Clear Coat
  • Improved performance:
    • 15% increased air volume over OEM
    • Velocity Stack trump design
    • Matched diameter between trumpet & throttle body
  • Improved structural integrity & reliability: 
    • CNC machined trumpets and sensors
    • Thread locked nuts to trumpets and sensors 
    • Marine & Aviation grade adhesive 
  • 5 year structural warranty 
  • 3 years finish warranty

ETA: May 2022

The group buy will introduce the new matte finish and the remaining components of the air intake.

Infinity Design

S85 CSL Carbon Plenum

  • E6X M5/M6
  • Crowfunding

Finishing what BMW M started: the crown jewel of the V10's development.

In 2009, BMW M built a one-off prototype of a BMW M5 CSL based on the E60 M5 V10. Meant as celebration for the 25 years of the BMW M5, it was never released. 

There were various must-haves in the eyes of S85 owner, yet none were as arguably desired as the entirely massive carbon air intake system. 

Read more about the M5 CSL backstory here.

Improving upon BMW M's prototype.

The engineers at BMW M developed a prototype in short order, and didn't consider the real world implications of their design.

They knew it would never be produced. 

You can read more about the M5 CSL prototype plenum here


The engineering team at Infinity Design is tackling this development project with a key focus on modularity. 

Preliminary Specifications: 

  • Modular Plenum Design: 
    • Modular velocity stacks design for customization per performance objectives. 
    • Modular intake inlet design for increase air volume. 
    • Modular construction for easy fitting to the angled S85 throttle bodies. 
    • Removable bolted lid for easy access to velocity stacks & removal of the plenum.
  • CNC'ed ITB fittings for reliability. 
  • Retains all PCV and vacuum hoses.
  • Complete pre-preg & autoclaved carbon fiber construction 
    • 2x2 weave pattern
    • Matte or Gloss clear coated finish.

Planned Kits.

OEM CSL style kit: 

  • Plenum design with OEM diameter inlets. 
    • Fits with OEM style air intakes
  • Compatible with MAF. 
  • Can be fitted with OEM style velocity stacks or Competition lengthened runners for mid range torque bump. 

Competition CSL complete kit: 

  • Plenum design with larger CSL style inlets
    • Extra bung for air intake sensor
  • Sealed intakes with larger CSL style inlet tubes
  • Not compatible with MAF: Alpha N tuning required & included.
  • Can be fitted with OEM style velocity stacks or Competition lengthened runners for mid range torque bump. 

Modular Velocity Stacks.

More info coming soon. 


ETA: Summer 2022. I will have the first production unit to thoroughly document and review for the community. 

Get on the waiting list to stay in the loop.

    Tractive Suspension

    Tractive Electronic Damper Controlled Coilovers (EDC)

    • E9X M3 / E8X 1M

    My take coming soon

    Status: These are claimed to be improved damper technology over my B16 Damptronics on the E92 M3 Orange Stripper. Currently chatting with Tractive. 

    Read up more about their Dynamic Valve Adjustment technology here and its original development here

    Brochure Description

    TracTive Plug & Play electronically-adjustable shocks for OE fitment have been developed as a high-tech electronic replacement suspension for a car fitted from factory with specific electronic suspension systems.

    The dampers are fitted with the TracTive patented DDA (Dynamic Damping Adjustment) valve. With its reaction time of 6 to 10 milliseconds from full soft to full hard, it is one of the fastest damping adjustments in the market. It demonstrates a tremendous stability and reproducibility, and is rapidly becoming the technology chosen by high end OE and racing teams.

    Although a lot faster, more stable and more reproducible than ZF CDC (found in BMW-M cars with EDC) and Bilstein Damptronic (found in Porsches as PASM and various others), the DDA valve has similar electrical and functional properties and can replace these OE valves without losing its functional benefits.

    The Plug & Play system is a direct replacement for the original dampers, it plugs in with the same connectors and the dampers are controlled the same way as the original dampers.

    No EDC cancellation kit required, no fault messages in the onboard controls. For every application the damping level and damping adjustment range is set-up from factory. It is possible to tune the damping level if required.

    This electronic suspension kit is valved specifically for Road and Track use, with a focus on sufficient comfort for optimal Road use while maintaining sport performance.

    Each kit is engineered for optimal performance and durability. The dampers are fitted with springs and have an infinite ride height adjustment either through the platforms on the shock bodies or through the separate adjusters.

    Damper Specs: 

    • Front:
      • 43mm Inverted McPherson clamp mount shock
      • 7075 aluminium Stabilizer bracket included
    • Rear:
      • 46mm Eye to Pin shock
      • Separate spring with height adjustment. 


    • Made in the Netherlands
      • OEM supplier for BMW 
    • Dynamic Damper Adjustment (DDA) electronic valve technology. 
      • Compatible with BMW M's EDC on-board management system
    • Fits with OEM top mounts or some aftermarket camber plates. 
    • New end links included. 
    • Threaded adjustable shock body at the front and threaded spring mount at the rear. 

    ETA: TBD

    I am currently in discussion with Tractive and gauging interest. Getting on the waiting list will help me further negotiate an introduction on EuroConnex!


    CSL Carbon Front Bumper

    • E46 M3
    • Pre-Order


    I ordered a test unit to fit, document and review prior to launching an introductory group buy later this Spring. Get on the waiting list for more info :) 

    Description Coming Soon


    • Made in Germany
    • Pre-Preg & Autoclave Carbon Fiber Construction
    • 1x1 Weave Pattern
    • 3.7 kg
    • Comes in gel coated 
    • Designed for the pre-facelift aluminum bumper carrier
    • CSL splitters are optional
    • 1:1 CSL design made from OEM CSL bumper


    ETA: June 2022

    I have a CSL bumper & widened fender kit on order to review.

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    • E9X M3
    • Group Buy

    E6X M5 & M6 Supersprint Exhaust Systems

    Group Buy Part Deux 

    For the complete backstory to this Connex, read more my E46 M3's Build Journal entry here

    Supersprint will be increasing pricing to all its distributors on May 1st 2022 by 7% due to the ever increasing raw material & labor costs in Italy. 

    Back by popular demand, I have been working behind the scenes to organize a second Supersprint group buy.

    Learning from the original group buy delays and capturing an opportunity to get never-to-be-seen-again pricing. 


    There are 2x main configurations available for E6X M5 & M6 members to achieve their desired performance, sound, and weight targets. 

    Packages Content
    Resonated Cat Back
    1. Resonated X pipe
    2. F1 Rear Mufflers
    Unresonated Cat Back
    1. Unresonated X pipe
    2. F1 Rear Mufflers
    F1 Race Rear section
    1. F1 Rear Mufflers

      Matt's Recommendation

      The X pipe (Section 2) & Rear Mufflers (Section 3) are a sound enhancing modification first and foremost and provide no performance gains. 

      I personally plan on running the F1 Racing Mufflers alone as I already run catless long tube headers. If you plan on retaining the stock headers, I would recommend the unresonated cat-back to unleash the V10 noise. 

      You can hear the differences in configurations here

      The S85B50 can be uncorked and performance gains can be found in the header section by improving its design. I have not curated the Supersprint headers as I prefer the Infinity Design V3 Headers for its equal length design and lower price. 


      • Hand Made in Italy
      • 304 ASIS Stainless Steel 
      • HJS Racing Metallic Catalytic Converters 
      • TIG welded 
      • Straight through muffler designs at all Sound Levels
      • Catless components are not available 
      • 4x80mm tips 
      • E6X M5 & M6
      • Group Buy

      ETA: End of May 2022

      Status: Finalizing price list and terms.

      Karbonius Composites

      E90 M3 Carbon Fiber Roof Panel

      • E90 M3
      • Group Buy

      Description coming soon.


      • Made in Spain
      • Pre-Preg & Autoclaved carbon fiber construction
      • Weight: 3.9kg
        • Save 5k from a standard slick top E90
      • Available in 1x1 (OEM) and 2x2 weave
      • Available in Gloss or Matt clear coated finish
      • Exclusive and numbered piece
      • 2 years warranty
      • Fitment guaranteed.

      Installation Notes

      Professional installation is required. OEM BMW structural adhesives are recommended. 

      Connex Plus
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