1:1 CSL x GT Carbon Diffuser

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A variant of the 1:1 replica

The GT spec adds extended finds yet retains all the other OEM features such as the ridge.

Pre-preg & autoclave carbon fiber.

The same carbon manufacturing process BMW used on the original diffuser.

OEM fitment.

The tabs and slots are all here to fit your OEM bumper.

Color match paint service

For any OEM BMW colors. If you seek perfection, a primered version is available.
Spec your GT diffuser
CSL GT Carbon Fiber Diffuser
CSL GT Carbon Fiber Diffuser
CSL GT Carbon Fiber Diffuser
CSL GT Carbon Fiber Diffuser
CSL GT Carbon Fiber Diffuser


CSL GT Carbon Fiber Diffuser

  • Made in Germany
  • EuroConnex Exclusive
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Installation Notes

No hardware is required. This re-uses push pins for lower slots and the upper section is clipped in using tabs on the diffuser.

build journal: Special series
When more is just more.

The GT style diffuser is a derivative of the 1:1 replica; 3x extended fins design are adding in the exposed carbon section of the diffuser for more aggressive aesthetics.

In this Special Series about the 1:1 CSL diffuser project, I take you into the details of what makes this special along with the backstory to this crowdfunding, development, unboxing, fitment reviews.

I sign off with my recommandations on if you should get the paint match service.

Matt / @m3_epoustouflant

"I love this this thing. It stays true to the E46 M3 look while being a little more unique than others."

"The quality, fitment and paint line are exactly what I wanted and expected."


The Master Mold Creation Process

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