S65 Uprated Throttle Actuator
S65 Uprated Throttle Actuator
S65 Uprated Throttle Actuator
S65 Uprated Throttle Actuator
S65 Uprated Throttle Actuator
S65 Uprated Throttle Actuator


S65 Uprated Throttle Actuator

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Another case of when, and not if

Lots of ink has been, and continues to be spilled over throttle actuators. An often misunderstood failure, this is an opportunity to set the record straight. 

These will fail. 
The failure is not catastrophic.

It will put your engine on emergency program, limiting power and the codes 2B15 (bank 1, passenger side) and 2B16 (bank 2, driver side) will be the main indicator of actuator failure.

It will eventually leave you stranded if you don't take care of it as I learned the hard way. 

What fails?

BMW bean counters visibly had their hands in the development of these legendary S65 (V8) and S85 (V10) architectures.

The throttle actuators will fail due to poor electronic construction. Contrary to popular belief, the gears themselves do not lead to electronic failures. They do wear out over time due to the plastic used by BMW. 

Replacing gears has not proven to be enough. 

MPower Motorsports x Rebuild UK fixed it, permanently, backed by a lifetime warranty and for less than anyone else. 

The MPower Motorsports throttle actuators are professionally rebuilt in the United Kingdom by Jason. They use the OEM casings and external connector. 

He up-rates the internal electronics of the actuators with higher power, higher temperature rated electrical components. The gears are replaced with higher rated plastic units that are self-lubricating. Each actuator is bench tested before being sealed again. 

They will outlive the car and that promise is supported by a lifetime, unlimited mileage warranty. 

I personally have bought 4x of my S65 and S85 actuators via MPowerMotorsports.

I've saved money, and bought peace of mind that whichever future limp mode on my V8 and V10 aren't from the fabled throttle actuators. 


  • Pricing is per actuator
  • Up-rated internal electronics component
  • Up-rated plastic gears
  • Lifetime warranty
  • OEM BMW casings and external connector 
  • Core exchange available
  • Ships from the USA

Core exchange

There is a 100$ core exchange charge per actuator. By selecting yes, you indicate your intent to return your current actuators to MPower Motorsports in Michigan. The specific process will be provided by MPower. Shipping is covered by the member. The core charge refund is provided once your actuator is received by MPower. 

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