The Stripper

I document the first steps in re-creating the BMW Performance signature design with its foam patterns and we give you the tools to spot shops that skip on critical detail. 
In this entry, information is the solution. It's a detailed chat about leathers, fabrics, suedes, threads and undersides. I provide rationale for our material selection for the Recaro CS and Pole Position custom seat program. 
In this entry, David and Louis get to work re-assembling the puzzle by creating templates for every single section of the original BMW Performance cover.
In this entry, David and Louis pull the covers off the original BMW PERFORMANCE driver seat and cut it to pieces. I stood by documenting the precise steps, trusting the process and understanding why this was needed.
In this entry, I compare the standard Recaro Sportster CS with the BMW Performance seat - how different can it really be? You be the judge whether the differences are worth it.
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