S85 CSL Carbon Plenum
S85 CSL Carbon Plenum
S85 CSL Carbon Plenum
S85 CSL Carbon Plenum
S85 CSL Carbon Plenum
S85 CSL Carbon Plenum
Infinity Design


S85 CSL Carbon Plenum

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Finishing what BMW M started: the crown jewel of the V10's development.

In 2009, BMW M built a one-off prototype of a BMW M5 CSL based on the E60 M5 V10. Meant as celebration for the 25 years of the BMW M5, it was never released. 

There were various must-haves in the eyes of S85 owner, yet none were as arguably desired as the entirely massive carbon air intake system. 

Read more about the M5 CSL backstory here.

Improving upon BMW M's prototype.

The engineers at BMW M developed a prototype in short order, and didn't consider the real world implications of their design.

They knew it would never be produced. 

You can read more about the M5 CSL prototype plenum here


The engineering team at Infinity Design is tackling this development project with a key focus on modularity. 

Preliminary Specifications: 

  • Modular Plenum Design: 
    • Modular velocity stacks design for customization per performance objectives. 
    • Modular intake inlet design for increase air volume. 
    • Modular construction for easy fitting to the angled S85 throttle bodies. 
    • Removable bolted lid for easy access to velocity stacks & removal of the plenum.
  • CNC'ed ITB fittings for reliability. 
  • Retains all PCV and vacuum hoses.
  • Complete pre-preg & autoclaved carbon fiber construction 
    • 2x2 weave pattern
    • Matte or Gloss clear coated finish.

Planned Kits.

OEM CSL style kit: 

  • Plenum design with OEM diameter inlets. 
    • Fits with OEM style air intakes
  • Compatible with MAF. 
  • Can be fitted with OEM style velocity stacks or Competition lengthened runners for mid range torque bump. 

Competition CSL complete kit: 

  • Plenum design with larger CSL style inlets
    • Extra bung for air intake sensor
  • Sealed intakes with larger CSL style inlet tubes
  • Not compatible with MAF: Alpha N tuning required & included.
  • Can be fitted with OEM style velocity stacks or Competition lengthened runners for mid range torque bump. 

Modular Velocity Stacks.

More info coming soon. 


ETA: Summer 2022. I will have the first production unit to thoroughly document and review for the community. 

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