Bespoke Recaro Seat Program
In partnership with Recovered Workshop, we have been developing the program since 2021.
Our intentions
We want to offer the best custom seat solution for BMW M cars.

Our intention was to offer an OEM level re-creation of the discontinued BMW Performance seats down to the most minute details.

Every single stitches, the unique foam, the custom paint and embroidery along with the electronics integrated into the OEM seats were dissected.

We also offer Recaro CS and Pole Position custom covers that go above and beyond the original Recaro upholstery to match what BMW would have intended.

With the collaboration of

We are doing the hard work others didn't.

We cast light into the opaque world of upholstery to equip you with fundamental knowledge to discern quality.
Any color, on anything.

We can customize the color of any components of your custom Recaro seat, including the leather, suede, threads, embroidery and painted accessories.

Premium Leathers.

We exclusively source full grain Italian and Bavarian leathers from various importers.

Premium threads.

We exclusively use Amman Group threads as used in Bentley and other high end OEM manufacturers.

Genuine Alcantara.

We exclusively use Genuine Alcantara products sourced from Italy in various styles and finishes.

Replica BMW M fabrics.

All signature BMW M fabrics are available, including M-Texture.

Airbag & harness.

We imported EuroSpec Recaro CS seats with the latest airbag technology. The harnesses are created to be plug and play.

Optional Genuine BMW heated elements.

We use brand new, Genuine BMW, 3 way heated elements unlike competitors using universal pads.

Custom painted accessories.

All paint work is performed by ExclusivAutomotiv.

Upper and lower shells.

Harness covers.

Airbag covers.

Complete mounting solutions

We have tested various seat mounting solutions, including OEM sliders retaining powered forward / backward movements.

Your preferred seating position and expected use are taken into consideration and the seats are delivered with adjustments to fit your height.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we currently exclusively work from brand new Recaro seats sourced from Germany.

We currently do not.

Yes! However they will not have plug and play electronics, nor mounting solutions as we do not have hands on experience.

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These are the seat styles we currently support.

complete your interior

We can do more.

Along with your custom seats, we can provide additional matching panels and accessories to complement your interior.

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