Carbon Fiber Wing
by CarbonProduction GmbH
The original AoA wing of BMW M.

The M3 GTS featured the first wing design with adjustable Angle of Attack (AoA) on a BMW M street legal car.

It always looked a bit odd due to its 122cm wing board dictated by European pedestrian regulations.

[...] but I've yet to see an M3 GTS in flesh.

In this Special Series, I cover all the BMW M wing options.

Over the last 2 years, I have juggled with the idea of putting a wing on my E92 M3: Mk2 GT2, OE style GTS, M240iR

Which would it be?

I document the original BMW M development, the adjustments made to these replica designs by Silvano and my unboxing impressions.

- Matt / @m3_epoustouflant

122cm Wing Board.

The exact dimensions of the Genuine GTS wing are used.

Pre Preg & Autoclaved Carbon.

The pre-preg carbon fiber construction method is used to maximize strenght and minimize weight. The complete weight is 2-2.5kg depending on the variant.

AoA Lightened Risers.

The risers are designed with adjustable Angle of of Attack (AoA). They are CNC machined to shave weight off the OEM design and finished in anodized satin black.

Finish Options.

The wing is available in semi-gloss raw carbon (as pictured) or with 2 component clear coat in high gloss or matte finish. Satin black is available to mimic the OEM design.

Lightweight Hardware.

Silvano includes black titanium M5 bolts for end plates and black steel M6 bolts for risers to wing mount.  
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GTS Carbon Fiber Wings
GTS Carbon Fiber Wings
GTS Carbon Fiber Wings
GTS Carbon Fiber Wings
GTS Carbon Fiber Wings
GTS Carbon Fiber Wings
GTS Carbon Fiber Wings
GTS Carbon Fiber Wings
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GTS Carbon Fiber Wings

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Installation Notes

Professional installation is recommended. Drilling templates are not included.

Recommend hardware

For Motorsport usage, consider adding reinforcement plates to the trunk's mounting points. M8x1.25 bolts to fit the risers to the trunk are not included. 

Brand Backstory
Silvano @ CarbonProduction

Silvano is well known around the Nurburgring for making high quality, well fitting motorsport carbon components.

They are a subcontractor and official supplier of carbon fiber components for AMG's GT3 & GT4 Motorsport programs.

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