My Orange Stripper

It's not a matter of if, but rather of when.

For MDCT equipped BMW M car owner, you've most likely experienced limp mode from overheating or oil starvation when driving on the track. To make matters worse, OEM MDCT pans tend wrap and leak over time, even from purely street usage.

Bombin' Home

You can only understand what's impossible if you try. 

Road Ranger & Chi'taliano Pizza

My goal: spend the night to Chicago, skip the Canadian border and sleep in Toronto. That was a planned 1,000 miles. 

For Europeans out there: that's like doing Paris to Rome in a single day. 

That didn't go according to plan. 

Did I say I made it?
Yet, nothing prepares you for life’s transitions, deserts of self doubt where introspection is no longer a luxury, it’s necessary for survival, to set yourself up for what’s come.